Quilting Tips

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Quilting Tips

If you would like to share your quilting knowledge with others please feel free to email us and we will add your advice to this wonderful resource page.

Please email your quilting tips to jen@quilt-essentials.com.au

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Using Left Over Fabric
A great way to use left over fabric is in the backing simply join them together into a long strip and join to backing fabric either sewing down the centre or perhaps around the sides.

Measuring Tip 
Always measure your quilt top through the centre before adding borders and make the top fit this measurement not the borders to fit the top.

Keeping track of all those small pieces of fabric 
When cutting lots of small pieces it is a good idea to keep them in zip lock bags so they are easily seen and carried.

How big do I need to make my bed quilt?

When making a bed quilt you need to think about how far over the edges of the bed you need you quilt to go. This will of course mean extra centimetres / inches to be accounted for.

Standard Australian bed sizes

Cot 69cm x 130cm 27in x 51in
Single 92cm x 190cm 36in x 75in
King Single 107cm x 202cm 42in x 80in
Double 137cm x 190cm 54in x 75in
Queen 153cm x 202cm 60in x 80in
King 183cm x 202cm 72in x 80in
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